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Why 20mph? a 4 min video

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20mph is safer for all and makes our environment a quieter, more pleasant place for everyone, especially children, the elderly and the disabled. We want Tunbridge Wells to be a “20’s Plenty for Us” Borough so that all residents can benefit from 20mph in their street. It improves residents' quality of life; makes walking and cycling safer and pleasanter; helps fitness; guards against obesity and reduces air and noise pollution.


Welcome to 20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells

St. John's is 20mph - now for Sherwood & St. James's

***CAN YOU HELP?***  Working with Kent Police, local Community Speedwatch Group volunteers monitor speeds to improve drivers’ understanding of the risks from speeding, reduce collisions and improve the quality of life for local communities.  Training and equipment is given at no cost. All we need is an hour or two of your time.

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It took two years of campaigning by 20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells with help from Borough and County councillors to make St. John's 20mph.  Now we are about to see 20mph in parts of St. James's and Sherwood / High Brooms. Good news, other places should benefit from 20mph: Culverden, Banner Farm, Hawkenbury, Broadwater, Southborough and the rest of St James's and Sherwood.  Sign our petition.

The winner! Lilia from St. Augustine's school deservedly won the poster design competition for the 20mph zone.

Go to https://www.communityspeedwatch.co.uk/ for more information on Community Speedwatch.  If you have any questions please contact us.

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Speldhurst: a 20mph village


This lovely handpainted sign by the road says why 20mph is much better