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20's plenty winning poster

The winner! St. Augustine's and St. John's primary schools ran a competition to design a poster to publicise the new 20mph zone. St. Augustine's Lilia did a great job and deservedly won.

Kent Police were on hand to enforce the new speed limit along with the Tunbridge Wells Community Speedwatch Group.

To make the first wide-area 20mph zone in Kent a success we still NEED YOUR HELP as a volunteer for the local Speedwatch Group. Kent Speedwatch helps community volunteers reduce excessive speeds on local roads. Working with Kent Police, volunteers monitor speeds at the roadside to improve drivers’ understanding of the risks from speeding, reduce collisions and improve the quality of life for local communities.

A successful zone in St. John's, where road users know and observe the new lower speed limit, means other places in Tunbridge Wells can become 20mph sooner. We are looking for volunteers from across the town, not just from St. John's, to provide Speedwatch roadside monitoring stations. Training and equipment will be given at no cost. All we need is as much or as little of your time as you can spare.

Why 20mph? a 4 min video

Please go to https://www.communityspeedwatch.co.uk/ and join the Tunbridge Wells Community Speedwatch Group. If you have any questions or problems joining the Group, please contact us.

20's Plenty launch 2

Kent Police monitor drivers' speed on Newlands Road (left) joined by the Tunbridge Wells Community Speedwatch Group (right).

20's Plenty launch 3