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About Us

We are a local group of 20's Plenty for Us, the national vountary organisation that supports communities who want lower speed limits on their street.


We are a group of Tunbridge Wells residents all of whom believe that a reduction in speed limit to 20mph will benefit our town.  All of us have come to the group for a variety of reasons: Some feel that their streets are an accident waiting to happen because of cars driving too fast and aggressively; some want the streets to be safer for their children to walk or cycle to school and others want to do something to relieve congestion in the area by encouraging more people to walk or cycle instead of driving.


We are all volunteers working towards this objective in partnership with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Kent County Council, other residents' groups within the area and the 20's Plenty national campaign group.


The 20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells campaign group first met in March 2015 after attending a presentation by Jeremy Leach, the 20's Plenty for Us London Campaign Co-ordinator, held at Tunbridge Wells Town Hall.  The clear and conclusive evidence convinced us that a residents' led campaign was needed to make sure our town benefits from a 20mph limit where we live.