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TWBC & KCC forms 20's Plenty Working Group


In a massive step forward in our campaign, the Tunbridge Wells Borough & Kent County Councils' Joint Transportation Board (JTB) accepted the recommendations in this report and formed a 20's Plenty Working Group for the Borough.


We, the 20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells local residents' campaign group, will be a part of the Working Group that has been asked to produce a report for the JTB on the implementation of 20mph in the Borough by April 2016.


The minutes of the very positive meeting will be available soon.







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Click here for the latest news from our campaigning partners to make Tunbridge Wells a better place to live, the Tunbridge Wells Bicycle Users' Group.  It covers updates on:

  • Camden Road pedestrianisation

  • TW traffic studies

  • Warwick Park Road

  • Good news on the A21 cycle path, and

  • Bad news on cycle planning for North Farm Development.

As well as the Cycling Strategy we feature below.