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St. John's, Tunbridge Wells, proposed 20mph zone


The map (right), taken from the Kent County

Council's consultation document, shows which

roads that could have 20mph limits.


As Newlands Road has a particularly severe

problem with speeding it is proposed that additional

speed "cushions" (humps) will be built. Otherwise

the proposal is that enforcement will largely come

from 20mph signs when entering the zone,

although there will be some smaller roundel signs

and reminders painted on the roads within the zone

too, the locations of which aren't specified.


This is in keeping with current Department for

Transport guidance which suggests that

additional traffic calming measures (humps,

chicanes, etc.) aren't required within 20mph zones

on roads where average speeds do not exceed

24mph. A speed study in the area conducted last

year suggests this is the case for most roads

except Newlands Road.


20s Plenty of Tunbridge Wells supports this

approach, which provides a "cleaner" street

environment, does not take up valuable car parking

places and is far cheaper to implement than areas

where many traffic calming measures have been

installed. However, it's noticeable that the

residential streets north of Powder Will Lane, such

as Chestnut Avenue, are not included but so easily

could be.


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Kent County Council's proposed 20mph Zone in St. John's, Tunbridge Wells

Proposed St Johns 20mph zone