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Elections May '16: Overwhelming support for 20's Plenty voiced by Borough Council & PCC candidates


20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells is delighted at the

overwhelming support shown by Kent Police and Crime

Commissioner (PCC) and Borough Council candidates for wide-area

20mph limits to make Tunbridge Wells and Kent better places to live.


           "...fully in support...will do anything to support your efforts."


20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells recently wrote to all Kent PCC and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council candidates, ahead of polls opening on the 5th May, asking them for their views on the implementation and enforcement of 20mph limits in the Borough (see our previous article here). We had a great response rate; 60% of the 67 Borough Council candidates and 5 of the 6 Kent PCC candidates responded.


"20's Plenty...is a vital scheme that can improve the quality of life for local communities."


All candidates who responded are in favour of 20mph in residential areas and in town and village centres.  While a small number of candidates favour a more targeted implementation of 20mph zones, the vast majority are in favour of wide-area 20mph limits to improve community safety and wellbeing.


"It is the responsibility of the Police to ensure enforcement of speed restrictions on all roads."


One question raised when discussing 20's Plenty with members of the community is whether 20mph limits will be enforced. 20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells is pleased to hear that all Kent PCC candidates said that they would work with Kent Police to ensure enforcement of 20mph. One candidate added that "Enforcement is only part of the equation, education and design are also key...developing local solutions for local communities is vital and I will make sure that the views of the communities are heard at every level and appropriate support is provided."


"Kent has an appalling safety record...current [council] leadership continues to evade responsibility and to ignore obvious safety hazards."


The responses received show that whichever candidates succeed in both the Borough and Kent PCC elections, they share the opinions of the communities they hope to serve. They too know that 20's Plenty for where people live. These men and women will have the power to support the implementation of 20mph limits and enforce them. They have promised to do just that and 20's Plenty for Tunbridge Wells is looking forward to working with the successful candidates and to ensure that they keep their promises.

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