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Elections May '16


On the 5th May many residents in Tunbridge Wells will be voting for

BoroughCouncillors and the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner. 20's Plenty for

Tunbridge Wells and 20's Plenty for Kent want candidates to support 20's Plenty for Us.


We are writing to all candidates asking for their support and we urge you to do the same.


As enforcement of traffic laws and speed limits is an important part of road safety we are

asking all candidates for Kent Police Commissioner these questions.


1.  Since 2010, the number pedestrians and cyclists killed or seriously injured on Kent &

Medway roads has increased by 28%. Given that the majority of such casualties occur on urban roads,

what measures would you take to improve road safety for vulnerable road users in Kent and Medway?


2.  An increasing numbers of borough and district councils in Kent and Medway are seeking to establish 20mph schemes in their residential streets and in town and village centres. How will you support the highways authorities in Kent and Medway to implement 20mph schemes?


3.  In the past some police representatives have given the impression to councillors that 20mph limits are unenforceable. How will you ensure that police act in line with advice in the latest ACPO Speed Enforcement Guidelines from October 2013, to ensure that all speed limits, including 20mph, are properly enforced?


If you're a candidate for borough councillor or Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and support 20's Plenty for where people live, please contact us or tweet us at @20sPlentyTW or @20sPlentyKent

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